We’ve been working! Of course, every time we planned a time to get our fall garden going – it rained, and rained. Finally we got a sunny Saturday and got a good start. I’m really wanting to plant some pumpkin seeds, but that’s all we have left to find. The kids loved it – and were especially amused at slipping and sliding in horse manure. I’ve read mixed reports about horse manure, but it was aged (for the most part), and it was free. We live surrounded by our neighbors horses (oh, how I love them!) and they let us wheelbarrow out as much as we need. We also bought a load of topsoil and mixed everything very well. We’ve planted cauliflower, cabbage, romaine, carrots, and broccoli. Now I would love some herbs and pumpkins! When it comes to gardening (and many other aspects of homesteading) I feel like a kindergarten student on the first day of school – I don’t really know my way around or what to expect – all I can do is keep trying. Funny thing is – I’m SO enjoying this journey, manure and all!


2 responses to “Planting!

  1. Mmm, homegrown broccoli is so good, but so stinky. LOLYou may be late with the pumpkins, but I don't really know.There is mint here and it has taken over its space three times over. I wish I knew a way to control it. And I wish I was a better fresh herb user thus a better herb gardener.

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