Sometimes growing is fun – new freedoms, new opportunities. Sometimes it’s painful – new consequences, new responsibilities. Once thing is for sure though, we all NEED to grow. Growing and learning is what can make our lives fruitful and fulfilled. I read somewhere recently that a day without learning is a day wasted. Our days are limited on this earth. The older I get the more clearly I see this. The cycle of life comes around at its own chosen pace, ready or not. I don’t want to waste the minutes and days that I’ve been given – I want to grow. As I’ve chatted with fellow homesteaders (rookies and pros), there is an underlying theme that pushed them to continue – even when times get hard. They all want to be prepared and they all want to learn. Learn about different ways to grow crops, learn about better ways to care for their animals, learn more healthy recipes for their families, learn how to make their own soaps and cleaners, the list goes on and on. Homesteaders are a community of learners and growers. I think this is why homesteading how so fully “sucked” me in. I like and have a great respect for the people who make homesteading happen – the people who live everyday to learn, grow and prepare. They are among the elite, and I strive to be like them.

Our growing fall garden – it’s really taking off!

The roof is up on our chicken coop!!! I’m so excited!!


One response to “Growth

  1. I'm cleaning out my little garden. I didn't ever get around to planting anything for fall. I am still getting a few cucumbers though and am waiting on tomatoes to ripen.

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