Cleaning House!

I’ve been on a mission lately to concoct my own cleaning supplies. Laundry is a BIG deal with a family of six and it seems that I was always scrounging around for coupons to buy detergent – the stuff is not cheap!! I also wasn’t happy with the way cleaning supplies deducted from my grocery budget. I want to but more food – not Tide! So, I wanted to share with you a perfectly wonderful detergent recipe – I didn’t invent it, but I love telling everyone about it! We have a High Efficiency washer, and my hubby really wanted to stick with liquid detergent. No scientific rationale, he just felt the liquid would perform better in our machine. He did once have a job as an engineer at Whirlpool, so I don’t question his expertise!! I found the recipe here – Liquid laundry Detergent! If it works on all the 19+ Duggar family, then I was sure it would work for mine. It is working wonderfully! So, go on over to the Duggar family site and make some laundry detergent! My bucket will probably last at least 6 months!

On another note – I LOVE the Duggar family!!

Now to the dish soap. This is soap to hand wash dishes, not for the dishwasher – that’s next on my agenda. I’m currently testing a recipe and it still needs some tweaking. While suds don’t clean the dishes, I would like a few more suds. I’ll post a recipe when I perfect it! At least it looks pretty!


4 responses to “Cleaning House!

  1. It does look pretty. Love that jar!I've been making my own laundry detergent for a few months now – the dry version. Love it. I look back at my early married days when I laughed at my mil for buying the cheapest detergent she could find. Now, my recipe is cheaper than her cheapie version and cleans just as good as what I always bought! 🙂

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